Gourmet Baby Food that is:

Preservative Free

No Salt, Sugar, or Additives

Locally Sourced Produce

non-GMO Grains

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Who? Who? Is this Baby Food Guru?

Nurture Naturally was started by Greta Williams, a mom passionate about giving babies the absolute best start in nutrition.  The aim is to make this option easy and affordable for busy parents.  Nurture Naturally makes baby food the way it all should be made–naturally.  The food is free of preservatives, fillers, additives, sweeteners, flavours & colours.  Instead it is full of tastes, textures, and nutrients essential to baby’s constantly growing body. For a FREE CONSULTATION, email today. For those of you living out of the Port Elizabeth area, there are many tips on how to make your own baby food found on this website and on the Nurture Naturally facebook page.

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As of July 2016, Jenn has joined Greta in the Nurture Naturally kitchen which has allowed our product line to extend into ‘Big Kid’ meals & Finger Snack Packs. We don’t put an age on these meals, as they are super healthy for independent toddlers on upwards.

Sourced Locally

We source produce from local farmers in the Eastern Cape.  Due to growing seasons, there are times of the year when we have to broaden our area, and other times when certain vegetables and fruits are simply unavailable from local farms.  These times are short and we make sure to have plenty of options for baby’s growing appetite.  The grains used are 100% non-GMO, from quality health food sources.  We strongly believe the cereals/grains your baby eats are so important and encourage natural sources instead of store-bought instant cereal.

Prepared Naturally

Baby’s food is prepared as naturally as if you were doing it yourself in your kitchen. Prepped, steamed/cooked, pureed or mashed, and packaged…it’s all quickly completed and in the freezer to ensure maximum nutritional value.

To You Easily

We now have 2 convenient locations (Greenshields Park & Richmond Hill) with pick-up times 4 days a week to make it easy for you to place your order via email and collect.  Please allow 2 days time to process & invoice before collection.



*Please discuss your feeding plan with your pediatrician.  Be sure to use the 3 Day Wait Rule for introducing new foods.

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