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Q&A: Cooking Millet

Hi Greta, I hope you are keeping well. could you please pop me your recipe for millet porridge? My little boy  loves his organic oats but it just seems so unadventurous to give him ‘every’ morning and he won’t eat any of the rice cereals as he gags. Thanks so much. Hello, First off I […]

Q&A: Grains & Cereals

Such a hot topic these days. No apologies that my response is quite lengthy; there’s a lot to consider. Here’s a question from Mpumalanga regarding the subject of cereals: MOM:  I want to introduce solids within the next two weeks. My lo will then be 6 months old. My question now is… I am contemplating […]

Q&A: Baby Feeding RoadBumps

We face a lot of obstacles during the baby food stage. Here’s one specific issue a mom in Cape Town has had: QUESTION: Please help… my 6mth started eating really nicely and about a week ago teething niggles started to surface. She now makes herself sick at every mealtime to the point of choking and […]

Q&A: Baby Tea with Sugar Please (?)

Being a newbie to South Africa, I’m only acquiring a taste for Rooibos after 5 years of living here. But I’ve learned a lot about it and do enjoy a cup quite regularly. I received this question from a mom regarding Baby Tea: MOM:  My baby is 3 months old and I started to introduce […]

Q&A: Baby Led Weaning

I received this question from a mom a few weeks back: MOM: I am having SUCH trouble getting my 9 month old to eat solids.  We do BLW but he just plays with the food about 95% of the time. He isn’t getting in what he should and as a result drinks A LOT more – especially […]

DVD Books from Nurture Naturally

“Life After Baby Food” and “What’s For Lunch?” are now available from Nurture Naturally.  If you have a baby who is now learning to eat from the table, the “Life After Baby Food” DVD will guide you into healthy eating for a lifetime.  It includes all the information found in the “What’s For Lunch?” DVD […]

Buyer Beware

I’m frustrated that after a decade of learning, researching, pulling my hair out, learning more….I can still be duped by good old marketing schemes.   Today I had 5 minutes to do 15 minutes of shopping so when I finally found Vanilla Extract in the health food isle (of the leading health pharmacy in town), […]