Month: May 2013

Learn More

Do you have a baby group (a-hem… ‘moms group’) interested in hearing more about healthy nutritional options?  Please contact me (call or email) and I’ll be happy to introduce Nurture Naturally to your group and answer any questions.  We can even make your meeting area a drop-off location for baby food orders. Greta 072 475 […]

Baby, Baby, Baby

We all want what’s best for our baby. Please take a moment to read the nutritional information on our site. We can help make your ordering easy. Your baby will thank you by growing into a happy, healthy toddler who loves new foods!

Grains & Cereals

It’s so important to feed baby healthy grains.  Shelf bought instant cereals are not so healthy and are often flavoured with artificial ingredients.  Most contain large amounts of sugar which baby will get addicted to very quickly.  Check out Nurture Naturally’s wide variety of grains & proteins.  All are hand-ground from whole food sources and […]


Nurture Naturally not only uses locally farmed produce, we also use eco-friendly containers that are compostable.  Don’t have a composter?  No worries, you can either toss or bring back to me and I’ll compost it. Together we can make a better world with healthy babies and sustainable living.


Want to pamper your baby?  We do made-to-order foods in 250ml containers.  Grow your baby the healthiest way possible, naturally with variety of organic grains and local produce.

Tips for Feeding

Not sure where to start? It’s easy and we’ll help along the way. Check out our in-depth site on how to start, what variety to incorporate, and what the benefits are.  Nurture Naturally will answer any questions or concerns you may have. (Be sure to check with your pediatrician before starting baby on any feeding […]

Easy to Order

Just check the site menu above for ordering information OR email me and I’ll send you a quick foodlist guide with ordering instructions.  This is meant to be easy, affordable, and convenient for mom. Greta: 072 475 2842 OR

Baby Food

Every baby needs it–every mom knows it’s important–but do you know what’s in it?  You will with Nurture Naturally…it’s made fresh, with local fruit & vegetables and 100% organic grains.  Order today!  Greta: 072 475 2842 OR

Nurture Naturally

I’m so excited to have this site up and running. I’m hoping to help the Port Elizabeth area grow some healthy babies. Please call or email if you have ANY questions: OR 072 475 2842, ask for Greta.