Month: June 2015

Q&A: Grains & Cereals

Such a hot topic these days. No apologies that my response is quite lengthy; there’s a lot to consider. Here’s a question from Mpumalanga regarding the subject of cereals: MOM:  I want to introduce solids within the next two weeks. My lo will then be 6 months old. My question now is… I am contemplating […]

Q&A: Baby Feeding RoadBumps

We face a lot of obstacles during the baby food stage. Here’s one specific issue a mom in Cape Town has had: QUESTION: Please help… my 6mth started eating really nicely and about a week ago teething niggles started to surface. She now makes herself sick at every mealtime to the point of choking and […]

Q&A: Baby Tea with Sugar Please (?)

Being a newbie to South Africa, I’m only acquiring a taste for Rooibos after 5 years of living here. But I’ve learned a lot about it and do enjoy a cup quite regularly. I received this question from a mom regarding Baby Tea: MOM:  My baby is 3 months old and I started to introduce […]

Q&A: Baby Led Weaning

I received this question from a mom a few weeks back: MOM: I am having SUCH trouble getting my 9 month old to eat solids.  We do BLW but he just plays with the food about 95% of the time. He isn’t getting in what he should and as a result drinks A LOT more – especially […]