Finger Foods for a Healthy Future

baby cakes

It seems that the transition from baby food to toddler food, including first finger foods, is posing quite a challenge for parents these days.  With all the processed & flavored foods in the baby isle, packed full of sugar and artificial ingredients, what is the best choice for babies and toddlers?

With this challenge in mind, Nurture Naturally has created a limited line of First Finger Foods for baby. Those who have grown up on Nurture Naturally hand-ground grains will love the light, nutty flavor enhanced by a touch of cinnamon and real vanilla. However, those babies who have already had a taste for the flavored puffed snacks may need some help developing the taste for the healthy ingredients offered here.  There’s hope though! So don’t give up.

I recommend going right from healthy home made baby food to the most basic & healthy snacks:  hard boiled egg yolk (not the whites before age 1), tofu chunks (you can freeze extra in water to keep fresh), puffed organic rice (found at health shops around town), small pieces of fresh meat or fish, chick peas or thoroughly cooked beans (watch carefully to avoid choking), etc.  Along with this, I am now offering some super-packed health snacks to compliment the above list.

Nurture Naturally is now offering:

‘Baby Cakes’ based on the American pancake (flap-jack), this  snack includes healthy ingredients of hand-ground organic quinoa, millet, oats & brown rice mixed with stone ground rye flour (which is very low in gluten); organic unsweetened soya milk; eggs; grape seed oil; real vanilla and cinnamon.  These ‘cakes’ can be frozen and popped in the toaster for on-the-go.  They are great for experienced eaters who can hold the cake in their hands OR for new eaters who want to dip small cut pieces into yogurt or apple sauce.  Be sure not to introduce syrups when you don’t have to.  If your child is already used to syrup, use only real maple syrup, and in a small quantity.  Otherwise, choose something healthy (yogurt, other pureed baby food, honey or nut butter—if over 1 year).

‘Dippers’ are perfect for grasping and eating on the go.  But they’re even better at getting healthy dips and foods to baby’s mouth in a fun way!  Sweet Dippers have real vanilla and cinnamon while savory dippers include a bit of sea salt, pepper and organic tomato paste.  Both are great at disguising freshly ground flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and hemp powder (a super food).  Made with rye flour and freshly ground seeds, these snacks are good alone or dipped into one of Nurture Naturally’s ‘Little Eaters’ meals (for example, dipping a savory dipper into a portion of Lentil Stew OR sweet dipper into Chunky Apple Banana).

The bottom line: don’t give in to the processed stuff.  There are options available. With a little planning and effort, your baby/toddler can be Nurtured…Naturally.

For more information, email me at  More Nurture Naturally Finger Foods coming soon!

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