Buyer Beware

I’m frustrated that after a decade of learning, researching, pulling my hair out, learning more….I can still be duped by good old marketing schemes.   Today I had 5 minutes to do 15 minutes of shopping so when I finally found Vanilla Extract in the health food isle (of the leading health pharmacy in town), I grabbed two–feeling lucky.  When I returned home to see that the last ingredient listed on the bottle was Vanillin, I felt more like this company was the next Villain in a long run of over-charging and over-marketing their low quality product.

For those of you unfamiliar with Vanillin, it is a synthetic petroleum based flavouring that is used in lieu of Real Vanilla Extract.  The cost savings are ridiculous and it’s made mostly of waste products, so what company wouldn’t want to jump on this band wagon.  Problem is that many people suffer from headaches, ADD symptoms, and other ailments common to artificial colourants and flavourants.

I immediately contacted the “health company” selling this product and filed a claim.  How dare they try to sell this as Vanilla Extract!  It’s one thing to bottle cheap, unhealthy imitations with names like “essence” and sell it at the local grocery store; but to bottle it disguised as a healthy, real extract should be illegal.  I’m taking my bottles back tomorrow and they better not argue on refunding my money.  Avoid my mistakes and start demanding quality. It’s the only way we’re going to get it.


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