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Life After BBFood“Life After Baby Food” and “What’s For Lunch?” are now available from Nurture Naturally.  If you have a baby who is now learning to eat from the table, the “Life After Baby Food” DVD will guide you into healthy eating for a lifetime.  It includes all the information found in the “What’s For Lunch?” DVD plus an entire chapter dedicated to that transition phase, healthy 1-pot meals for toddlers, and healthy baby/toddler snacks.

School lunch and busy lifestyles make healthy eating a challenge. In the “What’s For Lunch” DVD you will find simple solutions to menu planning, lunch packing, bake & batch-freezing, and on-the-go healthy snacks—including over 25 recipes that can be varied in hundreds of ways!  This guide was written based on the Montessori Acceptable Food Lists, but can be appreciated & used by ANY school-aged children (or pre-school).

If your school is interested in their own Nurture Naturally “What’s For Lunch?” DVD, please contact me and we’ll work together to customize it especially for your school.

Nurture your baby–and your family–Naturally.

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