Q&A: Baby Feeding RoadBumps

We face a lot of obstacles during the baby food stage. Here’s one specific issue a mom in Cape Town has had:

QUESTION: Please help… my 6mth started eating really nicely and about a week ago teething niggles started to surface. She now makes herself sick at every mealtime to the point of choking and food coming out resulting in frustrated mom and screaming baby. Do I continue trying or do I just leave it until shes better? Giving more bottles for the time being as I do not want her to have negative association towards food and eating?

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RESPONSE:  Teething can be a real challenge for us all–and to varying degrees, so try not to be jealous of your friend whose child has only a whimper then shows 4 molars!  If you’re baby is irritated and you’re frustrated, it’s best to just sit back & take a deep breath. Easier said than done, I know.  But there is good news:  you don’t have to worry as far as her nutrition goes because baby gets nutritional value from breast milk or formula up to age 1.

You’ve brought up a very important point in not wanting to promote a negative food association.  The best option would be to continue to offer healthy foods (about an hour after a bottle) and if she’s not interested, simply calmly put it away and wait till next feed. I know it can be frustrating, but it won’t last long.

One word of warning:  Be careful not to give into sweet “pudding” type solids as a way to entice her to eat solids.  This, unfortunately, could lead to a long-term problem. Instead stick to the foods you know she once liked until she’s through the teething.

Best of luck to the parents of teething babes.  This too shall pass.

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