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Please send all orders to: Orders.NNPE@gmail.com

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Fruity/ Veggie Blend

Apple Strawberry Plum Butternut
“Smoothie” Blend

Plus Blend

Plus Blend Basil
Basil Chicken

Next Step Gourmet Meals

Next Step Chicken Stew
Next Step Chicken Stew

Ground Grains

millet before & after grinding
millet before & after grinding

Big Kid Meals

Gourmet Mac&Cheese
Gourmet Mac&Cheese

Free Consultation

If you’re still unsure where to start with your little one, call today for a free consultation!

Food is prepped, cooked, packed and frozen quickly to ensure freshness and health benefits to baby.  It can be frozen for up to 6 months. Once thawed, it is good for 3-5 days.

applebanana       avobanana


*Be careful introducing sweet (fruits) to baby. It is recommended to wait until all vegetables are introduced before doing so OR to mix fruit with a vegetable.  See Tips for Feeding.

*Please discuss your feeding plan with your pediatrician.  Be sure to use the 3 Day Wait Rule for introducing new foods.


  1. Baby of nine months with constipation problem. I would love to try your product as a balanced meal.
    Would love your input but thinking of ordering all the 9-12 month baby try servings.

    1. Hello Liezel,
      If you are interested in the Second Foods Baby Try servings, I can deliver to your home or to a place of convenience in PE. Please just send me a quick email: NurtureNaturallyPE@gmail.com with your order and we can set up a time and place. Thank you much. (I have some recommendations for the constipation issues as well, but will save for email discussion) Cheers, Greta

    2. Hi Liezel,
      I’m hoping you got my last message. Please just shout if you’re interested in the Stage Two Sample Pack. I now have 110ml containers that stack nicely in the freezer and are convenient for single servings.

  2. Hi.

    My baby is 6 months and two weeks, I would like to order some grains /cereal for her please.


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